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7 Tips for Planning Your Branding Session

August 1, 2020

What do I wear? How do I create a shot list? What do I do with my hands?All very good questions likely asked before a branding session. Well, the following tips will help you know what to expect and how to prepare for a branding session that is unique to your business and its needs.

  1. Dress in your brand colors. It will help to maintain consistency throughout your website and any social media feeds that you use the images on.
  2. Choose multiple outfits. Ask the photographer how many outfits they suggest for your particular session and MAX THOSE OUT! You want to create as much variety as possible so that the images can last you for a long time to come.
  3. Don’t only get shots of you. So many times I have been planning social media posts and really wanted just some object shots. Yes, you are a photographer and can likely do these yourself; however, I have found that compiling all branding shots in one day is super helpful when ensuring they all get done!
  4. Invest in professional hair and makeup. If it’s in the budget, it is definitely worth it. It will boost your confidence in front of the camera. And keep in mind, professional hair and makeup doesn’t have to be heavy; it can be professional and still natural.
  5. Choose your locations wisely. Put yourself in the mind of your ideal client. Where would they go? A coffee shop? Target? Publix? The sky is the limit!
  6. Use the “working behind your computer” pictures sparingly. In my opinion, these are a little overused. Yes, they’re nice to have, but you don’t want them to be all you have. Instead, create images that are more personal to YOU!
  7. Let personal branding guide the creation of your shot list. Your shoot is meant to be individualistic. It’s not meant to be cookie cutter. Use your personal brand to configure the shots you want to make a priority!

These tips are simplistic, but will take your session from aimless to goal-oriented in no time. I suggest finding a photographer that specializes in brand photography for your session. It will be a complete experience through which they will be able to guide you in order to make the most of your session to benefit your business!

If you have more questions about branding sessions, head to The Photography Framework shop and shop our resources!

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