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Website Updates: How Often?

August 1, 2020

So you have established your online presence and your website is complete. But your website is not meant to be a static entity. It is meant to be updated as you grow and your work matures. Personally, I know I wouldn’t my work from three years ago representing me now! However, maintaining your website shouldn’t be a chore that constantly needs to be completed. Just like I do with every other large maintenance task, I try to break it up into sections.

Featured Galleries. If you have an amazing wedding or engagement gallery that absolutely embodies your ideal client…why wouldn’t you update your website with that wedding/session immediately?! I say go for it. Use your blog images to quickly upload a new featured gallery to your website.

Investment Page. This seems obvious, but I have forgotten to update the investment area of my website when I increased my prices. The potential client was NOT happy when I told them that I had increased my prices over the phone because they saw a number on my website that stuck in their minds! So…whenever you update your pricing, update the prices reflected on your website if you have them there!

Services Page. See above. 🙂 Update this page when your services change!

About Me Page.This can be an annual task unless you have gone through a major life change. For example, I am going to be having our second child in September and I don’t want to forget to update my About Me page that reads “girl mom” to “mother of two.” If you aren’t planning on experiencing any major life changes, well then…I say annual updates will suffice. Remember to also update the image(s) you have on your About Me page. For some reason it always bothers me when the image I see on a website/social media doesn’t match the real life person (like I know your hair didn’t grow THAT much in the few days since I looked at your website…).

Home Page. This one is tricky. It depends on the content that is on your Home page. If you have featured galleries, update those accordingly! If you have been published and have a Featured section, update that as you become published. Because this is the face of your business, I would pay extra attention here because it’s what is drawing your potential clients in.

Contact Page. As you grow in your business, your contact page will evolve as well. I used to ask what type of session they were interested in; now I have niched down to weddings and ask their wedding date and venue. Update that as your business changes!

Overall Copy. Update the overall copy annually, same as your About Me page.

To sum up:

  • Update sections/pages as they your business evolves. You want to maintain consistency throughout your business.
  • Update featured galleries when you have a session/wedding you’re especially proud of!
  • Update copy and general pages/images annually.

Pencil the annual date into your calendar. Maybe you do your annual update every November–after busy wedding season, but before newly engaged couples are looking at your site during the off-season. 🙂

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