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The Photography Framework: Explained

August 10, 2020

The Photography Framework aims to equip new and newly established photographers with the knowledge and systems necessary to create efficient and profitable businesses and ultimately sustain a long-term business.

The Photography Framework has broken down all the moving parts and logistics of a photography business start-up into ten consumable parts, or “frameworks.” Each of those ten frameworks have a main “pillar,” which is the core content for that framework. Most pillars have supporting “resources” for the pillar.

The ten frameworks are:

  • Legal & Financial
  • Pricing
  • Portfolio Building
  • Equipment
  • Branding
  • Workflow
  • Website
  • File/LR Organization
  • Office Organization
  • Marketing

At one point or another, I have struggled with each of these categories. It was difficult to start up a “standard operating procedure,” so to speak, when I had little experience. The Photography Framework is all of my experience boiled down to exactly what you, as a photography business owner, need in order to organize the back-end of your business and thus, make it as profitable as soon as possible!

With a background in teaching, but the urge to set my own hours (and pay scale if we’re being honest), my photography business was born! It was by no means (and even sometimes now is still not…) easy, but with systems in place, it certainly does make it more manageable.

A few of my favorite pieces of The Photography Framework are:

  • a resource titled “Prioritizing Start-Up Expenses” where I walk you through what it cost me to start my business, what I wish I had spent money on, and how I spent the money I did. Lots of learning moments in there!
  • the discount codes for a contract and styled shoot opportunities!
  • editable Canva templates for things like a Pricing Guide and a Engagement Session Style Guide
  • the Legal & Financial framework…boy, did I need this when I started! My fear of doing something wrong almost paralyzed me from even starting my business!
  • the Workflow framework–holy moly, was a workflow what my business needed from the start! I went from disheveled filing systems and barely remembering to send clients contracts to an automated system and calculated formula!

Trust me–those are just a few highlights of The Complete Photography Framework, which is available for a special launch week deal through August 17, 2020. A $600 value for just $399!!

I can’t wait for you to dive in and start building the framework for your business!

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