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The #1 Purchase I Regret Making at the Start of my Business

August 25, 2020

I don’t know whether to be embarrassed about this or not…

When I first began my business, I was really struggling with how to get contracts to my clients (mind you, the contract had a ton of legal holes in it, but that was, unfortunately, not my main concern…).

In the 20th century I wasn’t about to email it to them, have them print it out, sign it, and have them spend money on postage (GASP!) to send it back to me…so the next thought was, “How can I get them to e-sign?” That’s when I found DocHub.

It seemed user friendly enough, but the free version was limited to a certain number of contracts each month. I don’t remember how many, but I remember there being a month that I finally overcame that number…so naturally I just laid out however much it cost for the annual subscription.

Dumbest idea ever…I should have slowed down, done my research on what the heck a CRM is and how it can make my life 5,000,000x easier and not spent extra money on an annual subscription I used for two months till I realized how trash it was!

The lesson here: Do your research on a client relationship management system long before you truly need one. Setting up systems where you can have clients sign contracts, pay invoices, and create workflows–THAT is the investment you need to make…not DocHub Pro!

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