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L-Series Lenses: Do I Need Them?

September 22, 2020

So for those that are brand, brand new to photography:

  1. Canon, Nikon, and Sony are the three main brands that photographers typically use.
  2. Canon is what I use, so that’s what I know most about. Canon offers different calibers of lenses, the highest of which being what’s called “L-Series” or “luxury series.”
  3. L-Series lenses have clearer glass and typically allow for overall “better” quality images in terms of chromatic abberation and lens flares.
  4. The L-Series lenses have a prominent red ring around the front of the lens.

Unpopular opinion: L-Series lenses don’t make you a professional.

I own one…ONE…L-Series lens. I splurged on the L-series version of the 70-200 relatively early in my business…I had read that many photographers swear by it and it never leaves their camera. Well, I was fooled! It is the heaviest, clunkiest lens I have ever or will probably ever shot with! So much so that I now hand it to my husband to shoot the ceremony on and that’s about it!

Anyway, my main point is that: You don’t need to own every L-series lens in order to be a professional photographer or a “good” photographer.

You do, however, need to understand light and how to place your clients in certain lighting scenarios and locations in order to maintain results that are consistent. You also need to understand the settings on your camera so that you can create the results you desire.

If you don’t understand light and how to knowledgeably shoot manually, no amount of money spent on L-series quality lenses will make you a professional who makes the best the equipment and delivers consistent galleries to clients!

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