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3 Ideas for Client Christmas Gifts

December 1, 2020

‘Tis the season of giving! And our clients should be no exception. While gift giving is not my love language, I sure do enjoy finding the perfect gift for others, especially during the holiday season! When executed well, your client can feel taken care of, seen, and appreciated, but also it can serve as a form of continued marketing for you! A win-win for the holiday season!

  1. Christmas ornaments. Regardless of whether you are a family or wedding or pet or newborn photographer…this gift can fit any genre of photography! It is perfect for a small, affordable Christmas gift that shows your client you are thinking about them during the holiday season. I would encourage you to put one of your images on the ornament so that they think of you during each holiday season as they hang their ornament!
  2. Calendar. This option is a bit more expensive than the Christmas ornament (depending on where you get it from), however, the calendar will likely be on display, either in your clients’ homes or offices, all year long! I love that this gift keeps you, the photographer, at the top of the client’s mind throughout the year to remind them they need to schedule another session with you! You can customize each month with images from your last session together!
  3. Canvas. A canvas is a great gift that will keep your work as a focal point in your clients’ homes. Many times we will have a session, the images will be posted online or social media a couple times a year, and then they fall into the digital clutter of your client’s computer. However, when your work is printed out and displayed, it is a great conversation piece for guests that visit your clients’ homes that brings you up in conversation and becomes a continued form of word of mouth marketing!

If you are like me, gift giving is part of the client experience. My wedding clients receive a Bridal Guide with a ring dish upon booking, a mini-accordion album after their engagement session, and a gold and glass print box with prints from their wedding day after their wedding. So this is what I work around when it comes to the holiday season because I don’t want to give duplicate gifts! If this isn’t part of your process already, prints are a very affordable and thoughtful way to show your clients you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

Comment below with any awesome gift suggestions for your clients!

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