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The Benefits of a Same Day Slideshow

February 24, 2021

First, I want to be clear that I am not taking credit for the idea of a same day slideshow. I got the idea from a great innovator in the photography industry, Katelyn James.

A same day slideshow is just what it sounds like. On a client’s wedding day, you create a slideshow of 10-15 images from earlier in the day. Yes, they are edited. Yes, this requires some extra hustle and pre-planning. But oh my goodness, it is oh so worth it and it sets you apart from other vendors and other photographers other guests may have interacted with in the past.

Benefits from a same day slideshow are clear.

You are leveling up your client experience to something above and beyond what they would have expected. Typically receiving your wedding photos back is a much anticipated event that could takes upwards of two months! Imagine if you were able to give your clients some instant gratification that on the very same day they have professional images to update their social media with and share with their family and friends! Then you avoid the dreaded cell phone photo that Aunt Sally took midway through a dimly lit reception being plastered all over the place.

Next, it’s a novel marketing practice. Once you show the same day slideshow to the couple (and then I show the parents of the bride and groom + sometimes the Maid of Honor if we have developed a good rapport throughout the day), place the iPad that you are using to display the photos in a prominent place. This could be next to the cake table if people are getting ready to indulge in dessert, the gift table, or the bar. The bar is sometimes a little dicey because it is an expensive piece of equipment next to a place with a lot of foot traffic that often involves pretty intoxicated people…but I haven’t ever had any accidents, thankfully!

When people realize the images are from earlier in the day (think detail/getting ready images and portraits mostly), they are blown away at the efficiency of the photographer and want to work with them! Don’t get me wrong, it is rare that someone will walk up to you and want to book you that night. But this is more of a long-term marketing play where a woman who is dating her boyfriend remembers you in a year or two when they get engaged…sort of like sprinkling bread crumbs that lead a trail back to your door.

All the feedback from couples has been positive for me! Reactions like, “When did you even have time to do this?!” and “This is surreal…I can’t wait to see them all!” make the extra time and hustle so, so worth it! In fact, one time, I had the groom stop everything he was doing, come up to me while I was photographing on the dance floor, and ask me if I could AirDrop them to his phone so he could set his new background on his phone right then and there. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is!

Now go out there and market the heck out of yourself, your business, and the amazing client experience you are developing!

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