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How to Keep Up with the Instagram Algorithm

March 9, 2021

As we all know, the Instagram algorithm changes constantly…but Later, one of the leading Instagram marketing apps, has published their predictions on how to keep up in 2021.

Here are the ones that are going to result in the most return for you:

First, whichever new feature Instagram introduces…adopt it! Any time Instagram introduces a new feature, they will be trying to push it to the front of the user’s feed so that it is more likely to be accepted. In 2021, the newest feature is, of course, Reels. If you’re anything like me, you’re a slow adapter, especially to something that has as steep of a learning curve as Reels. I find that it’s much harder to create content for Reels than it is a simple caption…but in terms of payoff–taking the time to be creative and relevant with Reels will end up paying dividends if/when your audience reacts to it.

Next, which I didn’t know…RESPOND TO ALL YOUR DMS! I have always done this anyway, but I didn’t realize that the accounts that I DM with most often are the ones that are in the top of my Stories section whenever I open the app. The more often/more consistently you interact with certain accounts, you will then in turn, be towards the front of their stories section. This proximity puts you at the top of mind for potential clients!

One of my favorite things to do on Instagram is to include polls and question boxes in my Stories. This pulls your audience in to participate with you, rather than being passive when watching your Stories, and thus causing them to be more likely to skip over your Story. It’s an easy way to engage and doesn’t add much time to posting time if you’re already posting on your Story anyway.

Engagement is the goal of Instagram…the longer you keep someone on the app, the more they will promote your content, which is why Reels and other engagement strategies are rewarded so highly. Initially, I didn’t really know how I could make Reels applicable to my business and my ideal client, but after sitting down and doing a thorough brainstorm session, it’s becoming a little more clear! Sometimes it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing a brain dump to figure out how to entertain and educate your audience!

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