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But They’re Only Charging…

February 8, 2022

Pricing. It’s a touchy subject. I see it in every.single.photography.Facebook.group. ever. It seems like everyone always wants to know what everyone else is charging. And I am no exception to that rule…of course I am curious!

But it comes down to two things:

  1. Comparison –> We equate high prices to success.
  2. Cost of Doing Business –> Everyone’s is different.

The problem with blindly looking at what everyone else is charging is that your circumstances are not going to be identical to anyone else’s, just like your business or your personality is not identical to anyone else’s. Many factors go into cost of doing business outside the common expenses many of us see as photographers (i.e. editing software, gallery hosts, insurance, etc.). So while, yes, some expenses most, if not all, photographers share, there are many more that we don’t all share.

My cost of doing business changes every year, especially whenever we moved with the military. Keep in mind that your cost of living is factored into your cost of doing business if you are trying to go full-time with photography. And let me tell you–the cost of living in rural North Carolina is FAR different than that of living right outside of DC, which we learned very quickly in the fall of 2018.

After knowing your actual cost of doing business (which is covered in The Photography Framework course!), you can then (and only then) accurately price your services.

The lesson here is: Don’t compare what you are charging to the next photographer answering a pricing post in a Facebook group! Furthermore, please…please don’t BASE your pricing off of another photographer!

If you have cost of doing business questions, drop them below or email me at info@photographyframework.com!

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