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3 Tips For Choosing Outfits For Your Branding Session

April 5, 2022

Branding photos can be a little intimidating. A lot of planning goes into each session and your branding images are supposed to last you anywhere from three months to a year. So what you are wearing definitely matters because it’s what your audience will see of you for the foreseeable future! I am going to outline three useful tips to help you get the most out of your branding session by choosing outfits that fit your brand and attract your ideal client, all while creating a cohesive appearance across all your marketing platforms.

Wear your brand colors.

This one is easy–wear your brand colors (or variations of your brand colors)! This will keep your brand and marketing appearance consistent on your social media and website. Creating a cohesive presence online shows your professionalism and dedication to your brand.

Let’s use Samantha as an example. Some images from her branding session are above. Can you guess Samantha’s brand colors based off her wardrobe choices above? Yep! Yellow/gold, blue, black, white. She harnessed that perfectly!

If you don’t have outfits in your brand colors, I suggest either a self-pampering shopping trip OR dressing in neutrals–white, beige, and light pastels! This may be an investment, but think of the return it will bring to your business!

Think through each ENTIRE outfit.

Think through each ENTIRE outfit.

  • Top
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (earrings, necklace, bracelet(s), watch)
  • Hairstyle

One quick tip is that small variations can help look like less outfits are more. For example, by simply throwing a cardigan on over a t-shirt, you can make it seem like you changed outfits, although it is really just a small tweak to the existing outfit. This gives your final gallery a bit more variety.

Also, consider doing your hair slightly differently in some portions of the day. You can have your hair down for the majority of the session if that’s what you prefer; however, if you were doing a more “casual” segment of the session, you could throw it up in a messy bun or ponytail. Again, that gives you more variety to your final gallery!

Coordinate your outfits with session location(s).

Coordinate outfits with locations. When Samantha is in a comfortable spot, like her bed/couch, she is in a comfy sweater/shirt and/or leggings/jeans.

In her studio, she is wearing what she would actually wear during a bridal hair trial or on a real wedding day–all black. Her clients know what to expect from that part of the experience with her.

Lastly, in the downtown areas, she is in more formal outfits that shows off a more fun, playful side of her personality!

I think one of the biggest things we want to focus on is that we want these images to be believable. If it’s not something you would normally wear when working with a client or being in your office, then that is probably not the best option! With that being said, we want to look presentable all the same! Trust me, I know we all have those grungy office days, but we will keep those behind the computer screen, rather than in front of the camera.

Once the shot list and locations are finalized, it can be easier to narrow down outfit selection as well because you know what vibes you will be going for!

If you have any questions about choosing outfits for your brand photos, please drop them below!

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