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Where To Use Your Branding Images

April 26, 2022

Maybe you are on the fence about getting branding images done because you don’t know exactly how or where to use them. Well, let me help you off the fence.

Your brand photographs have multiple purposes.

1️⃣ Create a consistent and professional appearance online.
2️⃣ Give you images to go alongside your valuable content that will attract your potential clients.
3️⃣ Attract new clients through a variety of marketing methods, which we will discuss momentarily.

Now that we know the purpose of them, let’s talk about tangible ways to use them within your business and marketing efforts.

1️⃣ Social media–duh! Create a consistent feed using your brand images that will attract your ideal client. And the great thing about this is that they can be used on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, graphics in Canva, TikTok, anywhere!).

2️⃣ Your website–no more cell phone selfie headshots. We are bringing your professionalism to the next level by having professional branding images throughout your online storefront. This could be images of you, your process, your products, etc.

3️⃣ Email newsletters–if you have an email list or send out some sort of quarterly/monthly newsletter, you now have images that are the correct orientation, are on brand, and eye-catching!

4️⃣ Documents made for your clients–are you creating PDFs for pricing, wedding resources, etc? Perfect, now you have consistent imagery to use those throughout all of your documents.

Let’s face it–there are a lot of self-proclaimed “professionals” out there, but not many are willing to make the investment into professional branding images. And I can tell you as a consumer, if I am choosing between two vendors or products, I am choosing the one with the better imagery because they took themselves, their business, and their product seriously enough to invest in professional photography!

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