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Business Goals for 2023

December 27, 2022

Last week we discussed goal planning for your business so that you can make 2023 the best year yet! 🎉 If you missed that goal planning blog post, you can find it here. We break down each step of the goal planning process from looking over last year’s goals and numbers allllll the way to creating weekly tasks to achieve your goals for this upcoming year!

If you have already planned some of your goals and quarterly rocks, then GREAT! I am so excited for you! If not, that’s okay too. Take a look at some of my goals and see if you can find some inspiration for the upcoming year!

Phew, this is about to be a vulnerable blog post for an Enneagram 3. 🙃

These are my SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals for my photography business, Ali Rae Haney Photography.

  1. Book 20 branding clients.
    • Branding sessions have a quicker turnaround time from booking to session delivery. This is what is driving the higher number than usual for me. I like the idea of having a 2-3 month pipeline, as opposed to the 6-18 month pipeline of most weddings. It would be an even bigger plus to find clients who need quarterly sessions; though in terms of this goal, I would still consider them one client even if they account for multiple sessions.
  2. Shoot 7 weddings as primary photographer.
    • I took a break from marketing/booking weddings last year to pursue another dream. That dream didn’t quite pan out (hey, they say failure is the biggest teacher, right?), which then resulted in very few wedding bookings as a primary photographer. Heading into 2023, I would be really happy to shoot seven weddings as a primary.
  3. Gross six figures.
    • While I am considering this year a “rebuilding year,” much like a sports team, I still have high hopes for it. I am continuing to shoot, switching gears to mostly branding clients, and focusing on marketing The Photography Framework as individual resources.
  4. Grow The Photography Framework email list to 500 subscribers.
    • The TPF email list has grown very slowly, largely in part due to the fact that I haven’t really marketed it. Makes sense, right? I plan on marketing it on both the ARHP and TPF Instagram accounts. Being able to direct link the sign-up form is super helpful!
  5. Send quarterly newsletters to my ARHP client family.
    • Prior to this year, I have not had an email list for my photography clients. Moving forward, I plan on sending on quarterly newsletters to update all clients on travel dates, sales, and personal life. This quarterly goal seemed easier to achieve than monthly emails. Small steps can lead to big wins!

It is easy for me to dream big and want to create a ton of goals for the year. Narrowing down this list was actually pretty difficult, but I am going to subscribe to my own rules and cap the yearly goals at 5.

Next week I am going on a goal planning and business retreat to really nail down the quarterly rocks and monthly/weekly tasks for each of these goals. In fact, I will be sharing that process with you all so that you can see it in action! Tune in next week to see the goal planning process in real life. 🙂

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