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Memory Card & Battery Organization

February 14, 2023

Memory cards and batteries…not really an exciting topic. But we couldn’t be photographers without them, right?

This may sound simple to some, but when I first started I didn’t know which memory cards were the most reliable or the fastest (or even that these were qualities I should have been looking for!). These are the small things that no one really talks about; it’s all just assumed knowledge.

If you’re looking to purchase professional memory cards and batteries, here is a link to my Amazon storefront where I have included all the items I use!

But once the equipment has been purchased, it’s imperative to keep your equipment organized so that you never show up to a session or wedding with an uncharged battery or lose a client’s files.

We are all thinking it–these things are so difficult to keep organized:

  • Which cards have been formatted?
  • What does it have on it?
  • Which batteries are charged?
  • Which batteries are dead?

My exact systems for organizing memory cards and batteries are in the Memory Cards & Batteries Resource inside The Photography Framework shop! It dives into which specific cards and batteries I use, how to format memory cards, how to record to multiple cards, and my exact systems for memory card and camera/flash battery organization. This is a great resource for those just starting out and those who are overwhelmed by having 15 flash batteries rolling around in the bottom of your camera bag!

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